Sample Essay

  • Manages design and process documents
  • Constructs and controls¬† product structure and records
  • Offers an electronic file repository
  • Includes built-in and custom attributes
  • Enables workflow and process management for approving changes
  • Controls multi-user secured access, including electronic signature
  • ¬∑ Exports data for downstream ERP systems

Keeping in mind all these points it could be said that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has become a necessary item for all the organizations especially with so much competition in the business environment this tool can really help the organizations is getting competitive advantage over their rivals.

Collaborating CRM with PLM would do wonders for the company as the efficiency of the organization would definitely increase as the items manufactured by the company would be marketed in a much better way. Similar the CRM application would also have a significant affect on the sales of the company as the CRM system helps in designing sales leads. Also forecasting the future trends and the future need of the products is also a very important task of CRM and highlighting those factors which are creating hurdles in the production process.

In short is could be said that a well planned and well designed CRM application can prove out to be very vital for the company and most of the organizations would need it for sure if they want to survive in this competitive environment.

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