Sample Essay

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop worked out and proposed theories of Matriarchy, Patriarchy, and Two-cradle theory, Cultural theory that compared Greek and Egyptian civilizations that are separated by two geographical partitions, mixed race theory and many more (Carruthers 1977).

The theory of two cradles geographically divides the world into two parts. The severity of climatic conditions and surroundings in east and west creates profound effects on the culture, biological, and genetic conditions in humankind. Pigmentation is lost biologically and nomadic, tribal, xenophobic, individualistic sort of culture is formed whereas same conditions makes antagonistic, xenophile, sedentary, peaceful sort of culture in the midst of blacks who are still the natives of more extreme climatic and environmental zones (Carruthers 1977).

Now this theory assumes the European family or Euro-Africans. They emerged as a transmuted human type effected by the severely cold weather of antique Europe. Dr. Diop asserts that blacks were the first to come to this planet and all the other civilizations have the origination from their area. He evidently says that when a man entered this world, he needs to be in some part where he could exist without the clothes. Obviously these parts cannot be iced. This area can be on the equator and the places situated just on the equator include Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya (Carruthers 1977).

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