Sample Essay

The lack of information classification at Alpha Corporation violates three aspects of the information security. These violations not only relate to availability of information on the internal network of Alpha Corporation but also to external networks through the Internet connectivity. The lack of classification allows all employees to access full customer data.

Being connected to the internet, this also means that any employee or attacker who is able to gain access to Alpha’s network remotely is able to view any information related to company and its customer without any restrictions. This makes it difficult to implement information privacy as the customer data can then be used by an employee for any malicious purpose. The lack of information classification also affect the integrity of information as well, as the availability of information at all time to all employees makes it difficult to dictate the control over information access which may be modified accidentally. This also means that any attacker from the Internet who is able to bypass the firewall and routers may access any important piece of information and will be able to change or delete information for malicious purposes at will. This unauthorized disclosure or modification of data accidentally or with malicious intent from within or outside the company’s network can range from significantly affecting the critical functions of the organization to rendering them unable to function while also severely affecting organization’s workforce, partners as well as customers (Goel 2009).

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