Sample Essay

In this chapter the methodology employed in the research will be outlined. This will include both the quantitative and qualitative research will be used to support the hypothesis and answer the research questions laid out in the first chapter. The methodology will give in details the research design including the methods of data collection used and sampling method used to select the participants of the research. The author will support the methods used in the research with appropriate literature on methodology (Kumar 2005 p 154). Finally the limitation of the research methodology will be outline at the end of the chapter.

The methodology of this research is guided by the objectives of the research objectives which aim explore the advertising, sponsorship and events management of the Red Bull Company. The researcher had wished to have a more inclusive research process that would spread across the population but due to limited resources, the research focused only around the university. The research being part a case study of Red Bull ought to have engaged the management of Red Bull in the process to find out how they go about their advertisement, sponsoring and event management. However, it was not possible to get through to the management of Red bull for an interview, therefore experts in the field of advertisement, sponsoring and event management were interviewed instead and the survey from the student population at the university provided the data on how Red Bull is perceived by the public. To help understand Red Bull better, the researcher used secondary data sources as well as observation to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Because of limited resources to carry out the survey, the researcher depended on the easily and cheaply available sources and participants to carry out the research (Booth, & Williams 2003).

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