Sample Essay

To expand its markets further, the company has had to adopt new technology in the production, quality control, distribution and supply of its products to the clients. Between 2004 and 2005, the company used close to Tk. 28,730,029 to improve the Laboratory. The issue of embracing new technology has played an important role in ensuring that the operations of the company run smoothly and that the company is still ranked as the top producer of pharmaceutical products. This has also enabled the company to expand its market further because it is able to effectively meet the needs of its clients (Inc Icon Group International, 2008: 121). New and improved technology is an investment that has enabled developed countries such as theUKto appreciate the efforts of the company in producing quality products hence allowing the importation of such products.

The company has several units which have helped in meeting the increased demand for products qualitatively and quantitatively. For instance, the company has continued to expand and upgrade the capacity of the various units in order to improve its products. The expansion process considers things like land, machinery and other assets that are used in production of the products. In the Pabna unit was recently expanded where land, buildings, machinery and other assets cost close to Tk. 285.45 million (Quester and McGuiggan, 2006: 456: 124). This capital expenditure was aimed at producing products according to the needs of the clients. This meant that the expansion and upgrading process was expected to be of benefit to the company as well as the clients.

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