Sample Essay

The company won an award in 2007 for being a leading producer among SAARC countries. The ceremony was held in Sri Lanka and was attended by SAARC countries and other foreign countries. The award was highly prestigious because the company was from then regarded as a business body with good management practices. The company was acknowledged for the quality products and business ethics. This was followed by its certification by the United Kingdom Medicine Registration Authority (UK MHRA) to market its products. It became the first Bangladesh Company to export its market further. The market scope has expanded since then and the UK imports drugs worth billions of dollars. This was a major milestone to the company since increased the demand for its products (Ferrell, 1998: 345). The two factors have acted as a boost to the expansion of the company’s exports since other countries especially the developing ones.

To ensure that the company is always on top when it comes to exporting of its products, the management comes up with good strategies that can help in overcoming international problems. It has been reported that the company keeps a close watch on its operations and continues to work hard towards attaining profitable results (Hassan and Kaynak, 1999: 234). This indicates that the company is able to come up with measures that can help in attainment of the set goals despite the many problems it may be facing. The company is constant when it comes to producing products hence the clients can be sure that the supply of the products may not be delayed.

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