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Essay: Square Pharmaceutical-Survey Conducted | Term Paper Queen

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Questionnaires and interviews were the main research methods that were used in the research. The main reason behind the usage of the two methods is to ensure that the raw data is compared so that accurate results can be attained. The research took four days, this allowed for enough time for the collection and compilation of data. This duration also ensured that all the activities of the research were completed in time without last minute rush. Behel (2008: 146) notes that it is important to have enough time for a research this is to ensure that the set objectives are met.

There was need to carry out this research so as to establish the globalization aspect of Square pharmaceuticals. One of the strategies that were applied in the research is division of research activities among the researchers (Behel, 2008: 154). This ensured that work was shared well so that all the areas of research could be conducted well. There were those that were assigned the role of conducting interviews while others were expected to distribute the questionnaires.
Assumptions were not tolerated in the research. This is a research philosophy that was highly observed during the research. This is because accuracy was a priority issue in the entire research process. Moreover, assigning tasks was based on ones expertise in the various fields. This is an approach that aimed at ensuring that the various tasks were carried out in a professional manner (Berkowitz, 2006: 46).

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