Sample Essay

The results of the research show that the Square Pharmaceutical has been expanding its markets over the years. The approval process by the UK was seen as having contributed to the increase of global sales. The research findings showed that the company has put in place strategies that have helped in the expansion of its markets. One of the most outstanding factors is the good quality products that the company produces. It was found that it is due to this factor that the demand for its products has raised over the years. The results indicated that the company has acquired competitive advantage over other companies producing other factors. This has made it possible for the company to sell more of its products internationally.

Square Pharmaceutical Company is the leading pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh. It has been growing over the years due to the expansion of its market scope. The approval of its products by UK MHRA has also acted as a major boost to the expansion of the markets. Good quality products have contributed to the expansion of the markets since the demand for the products have increased. The exports of the company are for both developed and developing countries.

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