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Essay: Starbucks Entrepreneurial Image | Term Paper Queen

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The second is its new nutritious program introducing the Vivano blends and extending their food menus to include more health conscious foods such as oatmeal. The third is its new rewards program. This program will take the very successful Starbucks Cards program and endeavor to reward its loyal customers by offering them incentives for their continued support.

All these new directives will be aggressively marketed by the Starbucks Company in 2009 along with increasing its focus to make its company more environmentally conscious and to improve their relations with their Costa Rican partners who provide them their main source of coffee beans.

Looking at the current business model Starbucks has adopted. It’s quite clear that Starbucks entrepreneurial image will not come into play in 2009. The recent economic collapse in the United States has sent several reverberations around the world. A sharp decrease in overall sales and franchises has forced the company to close down over two thousands of its stores in the Worldwide over the course of 2006-2008. Fifteen hundred and ten of those stores were located in the United States (Starbucks, 2008).

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