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Starbucks believe that the good cup of coffee represents the legacy of people who know how to farm, process, roast and serve coffee. For Starbucks, a good coffee is not just a good cup of hot drink; it represents the excellent knowledge of the farmers from whom Starbucks buy coffee beans, the agronomists’ ability to foresee things as well as the dedication of master roasters and tasters.

Starbucks buys coffee beans from a selection of region each representing a different type of beans with has different natural composition and poses different taste. Starbucks identifies the area 23.5 degrees above and below equator as the coffee belt, a region where the conditions promote the production of premium quality coffee beans. Starbucks buys coffee from different regions on this coffee belt, which include countries in Central America and South America., Indonesia in the Asia Pacific region as well as Kenya, Yemen and Ethiopia in African and Arabian region. It then uses two predominant methods to separate the coffee seed from its cherry. These methods are the Dry Method, in which beans are picked and dried on the ground.  This process allows for the transfer of flavor from coffee fruit to the bean. The cherry is then separated through a hulling process of grinding or milling. The remaining green seeds go through another cycle of drying and hulling in mechanical dryers which can last from three to seven days. In the Wet method, ripened coffee cherries are processed immediately. They are then washed and sorted in running water after which they are put through a pulping machine, which separates the pulp from the beans. After the pulping process, the beans are put in fermentation tanks where they undergo number enzymatic reactions. After further process, these beans are dried and packed for shipping. Another thing that gives Starbucks coffee its great tastes is that the coffee used by Starbucks is farmed without the use of any pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, Starbuck takes its pride on the pedigree of master roasters that it trains and maintains, and it claims that a great roaster has to have the talents of a master chef, a scientist and an artists.

These master roasters put the fresh green coffee beans through an exquisitely designed roasting process which involves introducing green beans to gas heated environment and roasting them through a special technique until they pop twice. Other factors contributing in given the Starbucks coffee its superlative taste is the blend of coffee beans that master roaster achieve. Each master roaster is able to achieve a unique taste by mixing beans from different farm, countries or region. The taste and aroma of the coffee beans is preserved through the use of special type of packaging designed by Luigi Goglio. These especially designed Flavorlock packaging allows for the release of CO2 produced by coffee beans during their storage period while preventing the intake of Oxygen which could destroy the properties of coffee beans (Starbucks Coffee, 2010).

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