Sample Essay

Though the bias itself may be a surmountable problem in order to fully understand the scope of the limitation being dealt it is important to know the issues surrounding the sample size of the questionnaire. Firstly, it is inherently difficult for the authors to manoeuvre around the problem of the questionnaire. Not only must it be taken into consideration that the questionnaire may not be universally acceptable in all areas being interviewed.

But also that the six sites chosen by the authors to interview people of secondary schools were not the schools themselves, nor were they controlled environments where the questionnaire could be answered without outside influences. Rather, according to the authors own contention the questionnaire was done in a variety of areas with groups of parents and students from different socio economic backgrounds. Additionally, the sampling which was taken for the study was unequal in the case of gender. What this means is the number of women surveyed were more than men and there was no mention whether the survey was done in groups of mixed gender or exclusively men or women. The open ended nature of the study is further called into question when it is considered that many of the respondents choose to add, remove or change certain stipulations of the questionnaire.

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