Sample Essay

Lapham does not believe in wait for the landscape to enrich man but rather to shape it in one’s benefit. Considering the interview by Bartley on Lapham, Lapham is requested to talk about his childhood but he quickly passes over it since he is not interested in his poverty past but on his rich future. Bartley notes that Lapham “passed rapidly over the story of his early life, its poverty and its hardships” (4).

This evidences that Lapham is not ready to die poor but to make himself rich and forget his past. It gets to a time when Lapham wants to change his whole mode of living and join the civilization style. He in deed says “I’ve got the best architect in Boston, and I’m building a house to suit myself. And if money can do it, guess I’m going to be suited” (30). Corey supports his plans as he sees the other types of buildings as being “old fashioned (30).

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