Sample Essay

  1. Defensive approach:

Mostly organizations adopt the defensive approach when they are at fault. This means that they do not want to admit their mistake, but when the higher authorities interfere the organization would have to adapt the defensive approach. Example of a department store that sold an expire item, when the customer came back to return it they did not accept the item since it would hurt their image, but on governments intervention they had to took the defensive approach and received the expired item with apologies to the customers.

  1. Accommodative approach:

In this approach a more adapting to the environment strategy is adapted. For instance at a local fast food chain one of the waiter spilt off the coffee on a lady customer’s foot. Her foot got burned and she made contact with his lawyer to fine the restaurant. The manager of the fast food reacting quickly to the situation adapted the accommodative approach by reconciling with the lady and compensating her with the desired medical treatment. Here in this situation the food chain had to go for the accommodative approach so that to overcome a bigger loss.

  1. Proactive approach:

An organization having a proactive approach means that they are meeting the requirements and contributing more that require towards the betterment of the society. The best example could be given of Toyota motors. Recently they have launched a program by the name of Environment and Community which deals with the public health and making environmental friendly vehicles. In this regard we can say that Toyota is the market leader as no other automobile company has taken initiative in this manner. They are planning to make care run through battery which would lead to a pollution free environment. Hey are also having green areas in their plants so that to reduce the pollution to its minimum. Through this they fulfilling their social responsibility and more than expected.

Organizations should act ethically and feel their responsibility towards the society. Businesses following the corporate social responsibility create new opportunities for the business and hence achieve organizational goals.

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