Sample Essay

  1. Strength:

The greatest strength of So Good is its wide range of products. They have got an exclusive list of products that are in the pipeline to be launched. Apart from that their strength lies in the product itself. This means that So Good would cater the needs on both accounts the taste as well as healthier ingredients.

  1. Weakness:

One weakness that could be identified is So Goods high price as compared to the normal skimmed milk. The normal semi skimmed milk would cost around 49 per liter and the soya milk goes at 98 per liter. This high price could be a weakness no matter how much one justify. Because of the high prices it is very possible that it could not be in reach of the general public which in other words would mean loss in business. Also it could create a negative impact in the mind of the customers as an expensive product.

Another problem that So Good is facing is relating to its image. In that regard what So Good should do is, to launch a campaign to reassure their image in the public. So Good should educate the people with the advantages of soya milk. They should launch a campaign against this misconception that soya milk is not good for health. Hoardings and billboards should be placed on the road sides to aware the public about soya milk, plus they should also print this on their packages.

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