Sample Essay

The Stress Focus website located at serves as a good resource to stress management knowledge as well as techniques and products used for stress management and relief. The purpose of the website is to serve as good general public resource for stress management information categorized into various sections. The information present on the website helps in providing an understanding of the stress, natural and artificial means of stress release, a self help section providing information about stress relief exercises as well as a separate section for stress tests and management techniques.

Though the website contains significant amount of information, the first question that comes into mind about the website is its credibility. The website itself provides no information about the owner or sponsors of the website. Furthermore, the information given on the website cannot be deemed authentic as it does not provide a list of its source or the name of the author. The information presented in the form of articles which are easy to read and concise and much emphasis is given to techniques which help in reducing techniques through natural means. Overall, the site is quick to load and easy to navigate .This has been achieved with the help of a side bar and by placing links of related information below each article. It also contains a separate section for links to other stress management websites, however, it should be noted that none of the links provided on the website are well known. Another negative aspect of the website is the placement of a large amount of advertisement. These advertisements are mostly unrelated to the subject of the website and a closely placed with the information, which gives the reader an impression as if these are related to stress management as well  (Stress Focus, 2010).

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