Sample Essay

Some of the states have adopted ‘strong anti-immigrant policies with aggressive enforcement provisions’ and the center of the debate is transferrred from immigration reform to illegal immigrants who are alleged for ‘driving down wages and taking jobs from citizens, engaging in criminal activity, overburdening public health systems, and flaunting the rule of law by entering or remaining in the country illegaly’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3). Thus the local governments and administrators fear the negative influence that the immigration reform can exert on the state of affairs in the country therefore they tend to dismiss ther reforms on the basis of illegal immigration.

Another result of the immigration reform is the changing attitudes of the ‘local government’ towards the migrants. Some of the local governments have signed ‘Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)’ with the ‘Department of Homeland Security’ to ‘receive immigration-related training and to enforce immigration laws’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3). As the immigrants belong to various linguistic backgrounds therefore when the reforms are to incur in the state the local government has to reconsider their policy regarding language. Some ‘local governments’ emphasize for adopting ‘English-only policy’ which creates great difficulty for the immigrants, while some local law enforcement agencies provide ‘incentives to new and existing employees to become bilingual or multigual’ or to allow the immigrants the ‘right’ to use their ‘native language’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3). Some localities, ‘San Fransisco’, ‘California’, ‘Connecticut’, etc., adopted the ‘policy to issue identity cards’ which do not ‘indicate immigration status’ are to be used for the benefit of the ‘individuals and the community’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3).

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