Sample Essay

The novel is a bildungsroman and focuses on the various phases of life of an individual who is growing up and his struggles as a Mexican American. In the United States, Mexican American had to fight for their identity, altough others went on to assimilate into the American culture, further repressing their indiginous culture.

Bless Me, Ultima was written in a crucial period for Latinos who were living in America. An influential movement was taking placeon the political, fiscal and civilizing fields which confirmed the worth of Latino understanding and objections that they were facing due to differentiation. “Bless Me, Ultima” was the first among the many books to have written and reflected upon this movement called the Chuicano Movement. The movement effected many areas of cultures of Mexican Americans from New Mexico, the Spanish, the Aztecs and the Comanche.

In presenting typical Mexican traditions, the novel states something that clearly distinguishes Mexican people use of “curanderismo.” “Curanderismo” was the particular method for healing body and soul used by the Mexican Americans. In the novel, the author asserts the importance of “curanderismo” as Ultima, the “curandera”, is asked for blessing in the title. Antonio’s inspiration comes from Ultima, the “curandera”, and the golden carp, which show that Antonio is more conducive towards the pagan culture of his father than his Catholic mot9her. Moreover, the title, Bless Me, Ultima, itself evinces Antonio’s asking for blessing from Utima.

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