Sample Essay

The story is all about a couple who is travelling in Europe in pursuit of contentment and happiness. On their way to Madrid at the station Jig states her feeling of dissatisfaction with their wandering life style specially now when she is pregnant. She apparently wants to have the baby and settle down to a normal life which can be manipulated by her statement in the story when she symbolizes the greenery and thriving grain fields on one side of the station (Cummings para.12).

The man is not interested in having the baby and he suggests Jig to go through an abortion so that they can continue their adventure which would be difficult if they would have a baby. Jig carried out argument to ensure that the man is convinced to the woman to give up her resistance for abortion, but when he carry on with his argument Jig becomes frustrated and says “Would you please stop talking?”

Things to learn:

According to me the meaning behind the story is to present a view according to which it could be stated the significance of having a family. In this case the man appears to be selfish not caring what Jig wants and he is even ready to sacrifice a human life to continue his joyride. He is afraid of responsibility and tries to run away from it. As a typical American perspective the man considers the baby as a White elephant, which is a useless object and expensive to own and maintain.

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