Sample Essay

The local officials of the U.S. have emphasized the need to incur substantial reforms in the immigration laws, but they also express their concern over the illegitimate immigrants who bring a burden on local ‘health care’ and ‘law enforcement budgets’ (Preston, 2006, p.32). ‘Local law enforcement’, says Indianpolis Mayor Bart Peterson, ‘needs the trust of the community, but if [immigrants] in the community think they are enforcing immigration laws rather than just the basic enforcement, they would be fearful about talking to police about crimes or reporting crimes’ (Preston, 2006, p.32).

The State and Local immigration policies undermine ‘homeland security’ which is evident from the fact that many ‘jurisdictions’ adopted policies to ‘shield people who are violating federal immigration laws’  (Lax Immigration Enforcement Undermines National Security, 2003, p.32). As a consequence of the policies the illegitimate immigrants are guarded by the authorities and many illegitimate immigrants are given ‘licenses’ for work that leaves the door open for the terrorists to ‘assail’ (Lax Immigration Enforcement Undermines National Security, 2003, p.32). The debate over the status of the illegitimate immigrants is connected with the reforms for the immigrants. Many changes, however, ‘regarding intergovernmental roles and responsibilities in the area immigration poloicy-specifically the multitude of local policies that have been enacted-will complicate this task’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3).

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