Sample Essay

There are key fundamental factors that help to make a marriage successful. Most of the scholars who search on this topic come up with seven major factors but the main factor is thought to be communication. Since a marriage is involved of more than one person, it has to work like a team and thus it is through communication that each of family members is able to understand and help each other. It is through communication that each of the family members is able to know the other grievances, ideas and suggestions and thus be able to come up with the best form of a family (Caton & Antonio). According to Williams et al, a successful marriage has to consider five critical factors namely “faithfulness, happy sexual relationship, sharing household chores, adequate income and good housing” (276).other scholars have looked deeply into this matter and came up with more factors including agreement on politics, children, shared tastes and interests, and shared religious beliefs (277).

It should be noted that the marriage partners should not necessarily share all their interests but it is however notable that they should be able to solve their differences and come to a neutral ground in which they should all agree to. In circumstances where both partners are working, there are both positive and negative impacts expected. With working couples, work stress and resentments may lead to conflicts in the home. On the other hand, when both working couples are working, it is mostly possible that they will have the financial requirements to satisfy their needs. With flexible marriages in which the spouses are allowed to make adjustments in life, a marriage is mostly going to work out (280).

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