Sample Essay

Gorbman, C. (2007). Auteur Music. In D. Goldmark, L. D. Kramer, & R. D. Leppert, Beyond the soundtrack: representing music in cinema (pp. 149-162). University of California Press.

Gorbman (2007) discusses how Music is used as a ‘key thematic element’ and a ‘marker of authorial style’

  • The paper will throw light upon the successive waves of theory that Gorbman applied to have pronounced the auteur as ‘a locus of value an unacceptably Romantic construct, a fetish zed commodity, dead, or irrelevant’ while on the other hand futuristic discourses remain ‘vigorously resistant’.

Wolterstorff, N. (1980). Works and Worlds of Art. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    • Nicholas Wolterstorff (1980), a philosopher, in ‘Works and Worlds of Art’ argues that artworks are instruments with which the artists perform the action of world projection.
    • Further we will discuss the works of artists’ projecting the world by showing or revealing the states of affairs which hold at these worlds.
    • This projection is not limited to literary works only but includes pictorial and dramatic arts as well. The art forms which are not depictive can also project world vividly and the research paper will discuss these art forms in detail. 

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