Sample Essay

Objectives towards this conflict resolution include educating the policymaking group on how to apply influence to go forward in a peace process, the role of U.S. and the international community to resolve Arab-Israeli conflict. Furthermore, by evaluating the dynamics of this conflict and how political groups and key communal actors, Islamic movements inclusive, and their affect on the effort made for the initiation of peace process. Similarly, elements like media, training, and the development of effective teaching tools for the classroom and the community for managing the conflict. Other objective can be cultivating relationships within key sectors of Arab and Israeli and by accepting the religious dimensions of the conflict.

A few of the recent activities include exit of Israel from Gaza and four communities in northern Samaria in August 2005 in order to create the opportunity for peace. Hamas celebrated the withdrawal as a victory.  Hamas armed resistance drove out Israel, giving credibility to that strategy against Israel.  Furthermore, though Israel claimed to be withdrawing, it was actually developing new settlements and building the security barrier in the West Bank (Kohanteb).