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It is no accident, says Yamani, that until 9/11 Saudia Arabia was least reported country in the Western press. The Gulf war put Saudia Arabia ‘on map’ for the world through the international media, the war on terrorism put it in the international spotlight once again[1]. Zhang and Benoit in their Image Restoration Discourse suggest Saudi Arabia to rely on the method of denouncing and bolstering against the charge of supporting terrorists in order to repair their deteriorating image.

In Saudi Arabia, sympathy for Laden, writes Yamini, is mostly based on a rejection of the U.S’s domineering presence in the region and its support for Israel[2]. Some of the journalists resent the celeberations by the Saudi people instantly after the September attacks[3]. But the government was quick to assure the U.S of their support against al Qaeda and Taliban.

An interesting fact that raises various questions among the intelligentsia is that the young people of Saudi Arabia who went to fight the Russian Communism in Afghanistan in 1980s were supported and funded by the United States of America while the same people were accused of terrorism for working against the United States in Iraq. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed in order to reform Islam as a result of the pact signed between Mohammad Bin Saud and Mohammad Bin[4] Abdul Wahab[5].

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