Sample Essay

Another study has shown the effectiveness of the drug infliximab in terms of lowering instances of colectomy among patients already diagnosed with moderate to severe forms of Ulcerative Colitis. It is known that in Ulcerative Colitis one of those treatments available is the cutting and resection of the colon to leave out the problematic sections. To that end surgery is employed in the form of a colectomy (Barclay 2009).

Another study regarding the effectiveness of the drug infliximab found that the reason why there were only 60% of the populations in the west responding to the drug. The study shows that there are a limited number of genes which are involved in the creation of the inflammatory mediators and these genes in turn prevent the Ulcerative colitis from being treated by infliximab. The study found that there were five specific genes which separated those who could be treated from those who could not and tested them on subjects via the use of a diagnostic chip (Reuters Health Information 2009).

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