Sample Essay

The SWOT analysis of the company reflects that it has various strengths and weaknesses and can take advantage of the strengths to accomplish the desired objectives. The weaknesses of the company can be overcome by making strategies based on this analysis. Though the company is a new entrant in the field of Light Emitting Diodes, the company can establish its brand by a competitive marketing and price strategy coupled with high quality of products. Training programs can be initiated to gain appropriate specific knowledge required for production.

The company can take advantage of the various opportunities and increase the level of sales and revenue in the future periods. Research and development in the field of Diodes as well as other technologies can further help in establishing and maintaining the reputation of Light Emitting Diodes produced by the company. The threats of the company are closely linked to the Light Emitting Diode technology and its demand. The company can limit the effects of these threats by researching in newer areas and developing innovative technology for the existing product line and for newer products.

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