Sample Essay

Crazy Eddie was an electronics retail store chain which offered low prices to its customers. It was formed by Eddie Antar whose father and grandparents were also involved in the retailing business. Crazy Eddie was formed after Sights and Sounds another company owned and operated by the Antar family. The previous company was established in 1969 and owned in partnership by Sam Antar, Eddie Antar and his cousin Ronnie Gindi. People started referring to Eddie as Crazy Eddie due to high discounts offered by him to customers.

The Sights and Sounds Company was about to go bankrupt when Gindi sold the partnership interest to Eddie and the new company named Crazy Eddie was formed. The newly established company started earning good profits and Eddie opened several retail outlets throughout New York within few years with headquarter based in Brooklyn. The main source of the company’s high sales was its appealing and humorous advertisement campaign which featured Jerry Carroll in funny advertisements stating that the prices offered at Crazy Eddie were insane. The advertisements were quite popular during that time and people started buying from the company which increased sales considerably.

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