Sample Essay

With the help of some meta-physical concepts it can be proved that they are synthetic a priori knowledge. Some of the claims in geometry, and arithmetic are also synthetic a priori. Form of experience incorporating the knowledge as of manifestations and excluding the autonomous real things defines the synthetic a priori knowledge. In experience if we have knowledge of real things then it is obvious that the synthetic a priori knowledge would not exist utterly but the point is that we have knowledge of only manifestations or appearances. As they are obeying the ongoing biased forms of experience, these experiences would only obey the rules of the ways which have its knowledge.

Therefore the only reason behind the possibility of a priori knowledge is that there is an expression of one’s own things to the experience which leads to the foundation of that experience, making it synthetic a priori. This expression of experience has nothing to do with the objects ways of being independently experienced (Homepages at WMU, 2008).

The concept behind the above assertions contains the concept of Kant’s transcendental idealism which refers to the thought of knowing only the manifestations and not in the real senses. These manifestations are referring to a compilation of some thoughts only. Therefore the concept arguably proves that the experience is also the reflection of those things which are already contained in our brains. Simple inference of the non-autonomous realism leads to the picturing and manifestations of that in mind (Homepages at WMU, 2008).

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