Sample Essay

The purpose of this documentation is develop an implementation plan that would be used by the design, development and deployment teams to turn the system specification for the project into a working and reliable product. This implementation plan would also be useful in documentation of various activities of the project which can prove useful for future uses. The implementation plan for the website consists of six phases which are Coding, Testing, Installation, Documentation, Training and Support (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).


The coding phase will consists of developing the architecture of the website. The website will use a three-layered architecture, which will be databases logic layer, business logic layer and the user front end. The database logic layer will designed using SQL and PHP language. The business logic layer will be developed extensively using the PHP language while the front end of the website would be developed using HTML and JavaScript (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

Testing Plan

The website will go through both Static and Dynamic testing. This means that that the code will go through testing with or without execution. The code of the test will be testing by humans for errors while automated testing will be carried out to ensure the code is secure and free from exploits. Inspection technique will be by the coding technique to examine the code for programming language errors. After the development of each component in the layers, it will be testing with the help of white box and black box testing to discover any errors or vulnerabilities in the code. Once all the components of the website are completed, they will be integrated together in a layered approach and will undergo an integrating testing to verify if they have been integrated properly. This would be followed by testing on system level which will used to verify if the requirement of the project have been fulfilled. This would be done by using Test Cases which are testing scenarios in which system functionality and performance is benchmarked. Once the system has passed all tests at the vendor end successfully, it would be uploaded onto the web server where Capricorn staff will perform beta testing by accessing the website over the Internet and simulating various customer activities to ensure the website is acceptable.


The installation of the website will be done using single location installation. This means that the website would run in parallel to the existing information system infrastructure at Capricorn Mini Mart. The experiences from the operation of website would be used to take decision on how to integrate technologies used in the website with the existing information system. The installation of the website is estimated to take 12 hours, hence it deployment is planned to be after the closure of the store on Sunday (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

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