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Essay: Target Market of Coca-Cola | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The target market which has been chosen is the market of Diet Coke .As we have discussed above that the trend of the industry is changing and people are becoming more and more health conscious sp this is the right time for the company to target this segment. Another reason why we have chosen this target market is because the company is currently struggling with negative media attention that is affecting its brand image. Adverse media hype about obesity in children is becoming a major issue for the company. A very good example in this regard can be given of what is happening in U.S schools where the regular carbonated soft drinks (CSD) have started to disappear with agreement by the companies to promote a healthy and smart lifestyle (Keller, 2000).

In the current context what Coca Cola needs to do is to focus on its image which has been at a constant speculation. The company should use Promotions and PR            for its brand, reason being today promotions and public relations have become the most influential part of any word of mouth advertising strategy. Apart from that media should also be taken on board, banners, video ads, magazines; newspapers, billboards etc should be used in order to portray the right message. A combination of promotion through media, PR, advertising, would suite the best for the company (Ruekert, 1994).

Judgment for success:

The company should view this as a blessing in disguise as people are becoming more health conscious this is an ideal situation for the company to cater their needs and capture the market share. Growing health consciousness in UK and US is leading towards a higher demand for pro health products with low calories. The company does offer low calorie soft drinks but more attention should be given towards this market as this segment of the market is very likely to grow in the future (Klein, 2008).

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