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As the name suggest this part of the review deals with the more technical side of the job. Different set of standards are made, for instance achievement of departmental goals, showing initiative, adding value added information, the ability to make presentations, etc.

As written before the system at our organization is very formally applied, performance is measured on the basis of the review made for that tenure. It helps in providing feedback to the employees about their performance and improvement in subsequent areas. Also the problems that have been identified are eliminated, if there is a need for training it is provided. The whole process of the system gives a chance to both the supervisor and the employee to develop a good relationship, talk on conflicting issues and resolving them for an improved performance.

Selection process:

An organization’s main asset is its human capital and that is why selection of them is such an important assignment for the recruitment and selection team. Success or failure of an organization depends on the workforce they have (Bohlander & Snell, 2009 , p.254).

The selection process at my organization comprises of a regular format like any other organization. Applications are sent to the human resource department, which after processing calls for an interview and after the selection a medical test of the candidate is conducted. Like many other organizations, at our place also references play a very important part in the selection process for any open position.

As the organization lacks a formal selection procedure this is an area that they should work on. It is perhaps the most complex and most important job of the management to hire the right person for the right job at the right time. Recruitment is the most crucial aspect in all because the effectiveness and productivity of the job done is totally dependent on the person that is hired. Regardless of the fact whether the organization is large or small best fit employee lays the foundation of a successful journey ahead. What needs to be done is that a job description should be prepared which would give a framework of what the organization needs as their human capital. One thing that should be remembered while hiring is that there may be lots of qualified candidates available in the market but this does not means that they would be the right person for the job. Hiring should be done on the basis of what is the requirement of the organization for that particular position. The number of steps involved in the selection process depends on the nature of the job, not all the candidate would go through all these steps some might be rejected in the first phase of the interview (Bohlander & Snell, 2009 , p.256).

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