Sample Essay

The website would consist of pages which would be static and dynamic in nature. The generation of dynamic pages would require special software to be run in parallel to the website, for it to work properly. These software include Apache Web server, PHP libraries modules and MySQL database which would enable the website to handle hundreds of customers at the same time.

The recommended system requirement for these software is a Core 2 Duo system, which are currently in use by the existing IT infrastructure of the store (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

Economic Feasibility

The project will enable Capricorn to market and sell products cheaply and efficiently to its customers. The economic benefit of the website include inexpensive marketing, ability to handle large number of customer at the same time with minimum human resources and well as access to a much bigger customer base than possible with a traditional in-store shopping approach. On the other hand, the deployment of this website would require hiring of additional services or personnel in order to maintain and update the web hosting server as well as the software according to the changing requirements. Though the development cost of the website is not much, however, the website would require a dedicated server which needs to be remained on at all times while also requires a controlled environment for its operation. This would cause a rise in the monthly expenditure of Capricorn. However, the amount of profit that is expected from having an online presence greatly overweighs the cost of the project; hence it can be deemed as feasible (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

Operational Feasibility

Capricorn requires a solution that would enable it to expand its customer base and increase its profit. Through the use of website, Capricorn will be able to target additional customer base which exists only online. In addition, it would be able to utilize the cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies such as social marketing to make it more visible. Through attraction of customers to its website with the help of online marketing strategies, Capricorn will have a greater chance of earning more profit that it was possible without the website. Hence, this project is operationally feasible as well (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

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