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Essay: Technological Innovation | Term Paper Queen

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Finkel & Golding (1995), say in their book that “technological innovation is indispensible to achieving our national and international environmental goals. Available technologies are inadequate to solve many present and emerging environmental problems or, in some cases, too costly to bear widespread adoption.”  It means that present technologies are not enough to overcome the problems of the environment thus innovation of new ideas and technological change is required to resolve the serious issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a program in this regard called the Technology Innovation Strategy which targets to initiate implementation that can help and recover from the problems of the environment. This strategy demonstrates EPA’s determination towards making necessary modifications and reformulation of the methods that they maintain in doing their part. This is will help them achieve the best technological way outs required to save from harm in the light of environmental protection (Finkel & Golding, 1995).

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