Sample Essay

Electro-Light would rely heavily on research and development of existing and new technologies as the products of the company are technology based. The objectives of the research and development department include making innovative products and researching areas which can increase the quality and efficiency of the products while decreasing the cost of the Light Emitting Diodes.

The manufacturing of white Light Emitting Diodes also requires efficient use of technology which would be researched and applied appropriately. A weakness of the firm as indicated in the SWOT analysis is the specific technological knowledge for production. The company would initiate and carry on vigorous training programs for the production personnel and managers to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the production department. The research in technology will not only help the company in producing high-quality, low cost products but would give a competitive edge against other manufacturers in terms of innovation and improvement. Any new innovations in Light Emitting Diodes would be substantial as was seen with white Light Emitting Diodes. The shortfall in the energy sources has created the need for alternative sources and alternative uses of the available energy. A major part of the world is now shifting to Light Emitting Diodes just for the efficiency of these products in use of energy and electricity.

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