Sample Essay

Although the protesters are saying that they are innocent and are not using violent means in their protests, the government is saying that the shootings are targeted to armed men who have taken advantage of the protest to cause mayhem in the country. Looking at the protesters faces one cannot fail to notice the determination that is evident on their faces as they are like 100% sure that they will achieve what they are fighting for. The death here is used to show the magnitude of the conflict for those who are living far away fromBangkok. People around the world are sympathetic to the civilians caught in the crossfire and think that the government should be less offensive.

There is this TV series by the name of CSI, showing on CBS, which is about the story of an assassin known as Shane Casey, who is arrested, but he attacks the police officer who is guarding him and escapes. As he is pursued by, Mac and Stella are following the clues as they try to seize the assassin. As the story progresses the viewer is glued to the screen, as he wants to know what the assassin might do next. Though the assassin is causing terror in the public this seems to be the catch of the se4ries for it will keep one at the edge of his or her seat. The viewer will always be sympathetic to the next victim and wish the pursuers of the assassin all the best as they hunt him down. The people around are always talking about what the killer is going to do next as he runs away from the police. Although death is not something to play around with here, it is used to woo those viewers who like life on the fast lane.

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