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A monument marks the place where Colonel Everett Peabody was killed while forming his brigade into a line of battle. The upturned-cannon monuments signify locations where senior officers were killed. Here and elsewhere in the park, a series of historical markers trimmed in red for Confederate forces, and blue and yellow for the two Federal armies, indicate camps, unit positions and points of contact. These markers are excellent guides to the locations occupied by specific regiments, North and South.

Tennessee regiment into battle was shot. Johnston was discovered moments later reeling in his saddle. Those attending him were unable to stop the bleeding from a leg wound after moving him down a farm trace and placing him on the ground against a tree. “Johnston died shortly after 2 p.m. on April 6”[1]. An upturned-cannon monument marks where he was shot, and a path leads to the place where he died.

Across the open field, Bragg launched a series of unfortunate infantry charges that tore several brigades to pieces. Not until Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles assembled 62 artillery pieces on the other side of that open field, at the time the largest group of cannons ever placed hub to hub in North America, and the Federals on the flank of the Hornets’ Nest withdrew, did the brave warriors here, including Prentiss, surrender.

[1] Daniel, Larry J. Shiloh: The Battle That Changed the Civil War. New York: Touchstone, 1998.

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