Sample Essay

Cole’s ‘The Roman Baths at Nimes’ is included in his third collection of the poems, Look of Things. In the book Cole’s voice is echoed through the words in the poems but his appearance is equal to absence. While his real mastery, that distinguishes him from other poets, lies in the fact that he appears as a distant observer while making his readers feel his appearance at the same time.

Cole’s poems in the third book voice tension between social and spiritual life, between desire for company and for solitude, between youth and ravages of desire, between the American and the exotic (Cole). Cole deals his conflicting themes with the help of multifarious tones that he chooses for each of his poems. In some poems his tone is satiric, while in other poem he experiments with elegiac which in some other poem turns into self-deprecating. Cole’s ‘Look of the Things’ reflects the way he looks at the things around him. Cole’s religious and sensual stance is not found in the poems that shows that his objects of observation are common things, out of which he extracts profound themes. His pattern of thinking and feelings are reflected through his words.

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