Sample Essay

Overall how should we assess the threat of Islamic militancy in Indonesia?

  • There is little evidence to support a widespread threat from Islamic militants in the region
  • Organizations such as the Front have been affiliated with Al Qaeda in terms of monetary aid received without the benefit of evidence to support this claim
  • These Radicalists constitute a small number of the muslim population in Indonesia
  • Violence against Christians incited by Lasker Jihad has decreased through containment by military action (Crouch 2001)

A consensus (of sorts) appears to exist amongst analysts as to the key factors behind the recent upsurge in terrorism and violence in southern Thailand. What are those factors?

  • Political beliefs regarding Malay-Muslim patriotism and dissidence are the primary reasons.
  • Further radicalization of Malay Muslims by Bangkok through unfair policies and incidents such as the ones at Krisek and Tak Bai
  • Employing circumstantial evidence, the United States is coloring this conflict as global terrorism (Liow 2006)
  • Domestic groups have no interest in the agendas of international muslim groups (Abuza 2002)

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