Sample Essay

The movie for which this particular assignment is being prepared is titled Thank You for Smoking. The lead role in this movie is played by Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Katie Holmes and others. The title of the movie says it all that what the movie is all about. The movie is severely satirical while focusing on today’s culture of spin. The movie is based on a novel with the same title by the writer Christopher Buckley.

The main character of the movie is Nick Naylor which is being played by Eckhart. Nick is the chief spokesman for a big tobacco company and earns his living by defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today’s neo-puritanical culture.

The movie comprises of fantastic satire and the best thing about the movie is that it has a great mixture of humor with hardcore realities. The movie exposes uncomfortable truths about people who spin and earn their livings by such act. The movie could be said cynical but even though some scenes that involve mocking also had a purpose.

Another thing that makes the movie very interesting is the clash of the two main characters of the movie the hero who is a tobacco and giving him tough time in the movie is the villain who is an anti smoking senator. The conversation between the two makes the movie really interesting (Ebert, 2006).

The plot of the movie revolves around the lead character Nick who has been handed over the apparently impossible task of promoting cigarette smoking in an era when the people are getting more and more health conscious and the health hazards of doing such activity has become unavoidable.

The beauty of the movie is hidden in the fact that how Nick because of his job uses arguments and twisted logic to place.

Some of the dialogues by Nick Naylor:

Dialogue # 1: After watching the footage of the Kent State shootings, Bobby Jay, then seventeen, signed up for the National Guard so that he too could shoot college students.

Now in this dialogue Nick is relating the influence part with smoking, when he was argued that promoting cigarettes or showing advertisement on front or electronic media would influence new smokers. In reply to this argument Nick gave reference of the Kent State Shooting where several students were killed by the National Guard. The point which Nick is trying to make is that it’s not necessary that a person would get influence and if that’s the case a person can be influence by anything, that doesn’t mean that companies would stop advertisement.

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