Sample Essay

To review the innovative technologies that took the A380 Airbus par excellence, it is necessary to identify the technological innovations used in the manufacturing of the aircraft and its specifications that didn’t contravened federal regulations while providing unmatched quality and reliability. The Airbus A380 is configured with class of its own kind. It is so far the only double deck Airplane in the civil aircraft industry. The plane is going to start its engines for the first time in March 2006 and most probably overtake the top selling Boeing 747 made by the U.S.A (Airbus & EADS, 2009).

As history quotes, Airbus the company, begun its research more than a decade earlier to its first production. Sooner, the company found an entrant to the market dominated by the Boeing 747. The move was counted as tact to eliminate the supremacy of Boeing in the airliner bazaar (Airbus & EADS, 2009).

Qualified engineers started working upon the project and successfully completed the first concept named A3XX in July 1994. Airbus went through various plans and configurations for the project and emphasized severely on a solo deck airplane which was devised to keep 12 side by side and dual straight up extensions. Nevertheless, the company’s best designers matured a dual deck arrangement, principally due to the considerably lightweight construction as essential.

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