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Continuing the discussion on its benefits, abortion would also financially help women who have more than one child and simply cannot sufficiently care for another. It would also help those women who are simply not ready to be mothers and cannot provide the care necessary. Additionally, it also provides a viable option for women who are unmarried, given the social stigma that exists around the act of sex in Islamic countries. Given these benefits it can be clearly seen why women seek out unsafe abortions in these countries, undergoing such procedures results in the deaths of hundreds of women every year.

Cases of rape or incest or even fetal abnormalities would have an alternative to have safe procedure instead of either opting for either keeping a child they do not want or undergoing the aforementioned back alley procedures. In fact many hospitals in Turkey actually offer free abortions now in their public hospitals. Such actions have shown a sharp decline in deaths due to unsafe abortions in the last decade. Patients can now undergo either direct and indirect methods with minor or no complications whatsoever.

Despite this growing awareness of the issue, incidents where unsafe abortions can result in dangerous consequences for the mother still occur. The Los Angeles article mentioned above also tells of a case which occurred under the watch of Dr. Donya Taher in 2007. A woman was brought into the emergency room in Baghdad hospital during her call and was bleeding heavily due to a botched abortion (Daragahi, 2008).

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