Sample Essay

The arrest of perpetrators in these cold cases is essential not only to ensure the public safety but to also make sure that such heinous acts are not committed by the same individual ever again. The removal of suspects from a case can aid future investigations and family members who have the security of the knowledge that their loved ones homicide files have not been discarded (Turner and Kosa).

Additionally, arrests of such offenders bring a positive light to law enforcement agencies from the public and the media. Pursuing leads in such cases may not always lead to the successful objective they strive for and may have another negative effect. The success of such cases can feasibly cause current cases with low resources or leads to be encouraged to shut down in favor of cases with more feasible evidence or witnesses causing a greater workload to pile up for the CCS (Turner and Kosa). Despite this issue it is undeniable that the benefits of such a team can bring peace and security not only to the general public but also to the families of the victim.

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