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The truth is that obesity has hit America with great effect. As written before to get rid of this the American has to change their life style. The history of obesity in America is not much old infact to be precise the real rise in obesity came after the 1980’s. This was the era when the urbanized America was at its peak and the typical life style that we see now days actually started from that time. This won’t be an easy task to change the life style in a glance, it’s a task that requires patience and should be dealt with endurance. The inclusion of healthy natural food items such as vegetables and fruits would help in the cause. The lack of natural food items from the diet of an average American could be easily grasped from this fact that only 25% of the adults and less than 25% teenagers were in favor of adding vegetables in their daily meal. 50% or more Americans do not indulge themselves into any kind of a physical activity.

The cost that is associated with the health related diseases is very high; according to a survey cost estimated for obesity has been almost $75 billion in the year 2003.  Similarly the hospital cost has also increased reaching up to $127 million (Ygoy, 2007).

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Many government and private organizations are working on creating awareness in the general public regarding obesity and its adverse effects. The rate with which this trend is growing in America is so rapid that it requires some serious measures by companies and the government. With the advent of such technological advancements like the internet information is just a click away in this time more Americans are now aware of the reactions of obesity. However the real change would come when there would be a change in eating habits and the change in eating habits would come from change in thinking and change in attitude. Attempts are made both on the government and private level to create an understanding in the mind of the people.


Obesity in America is one thing that cannot be ignored, facts and figures given in the paper proves it. The single common factor on which the whole paper has focused is the imbalanced life style. Combating with obesity is a time taking job which requires patience. However, another important thing is the positive and strong mind set, reason being that brain sends the signal to the body to eat or not to eat.

Some daily practices that should be kept in mind are not to eat while watching TV or under stress or while working.  Daily routine exercise is also a very important thing that should be practiced. Although the problem of obesity is rising but it could be tackled effectively by coming back to the basics that is naturally produced food item and a little bit of physical work out.

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