Sample Essay

Summary of Article

The article under review deals with the basic concept of Activity Based Costing – ABC and provides a practical approach to the successfulness of ABC. The article selected for review is entitled “Is ABC Adoption a Success in Australia?” and is based on a research involving the implementation of ABC costing in Australian organisations. The research carried out in the article is based on survey questionnaires sent to various organisations in Australia with review and analysis of relevant academic and professional literature.

The article deals with two basic areas of ABC implementation and success. The research carried out in this article is substantial in that a similar research has not been carried out involving the success of ABC implementation in Australian organisations.

The first part of the article covers the implementation rates of ABC throughout the world including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America and Canada. The implementation rates of ABC in Australian organisations are discussed separately and researched thoroughly and it was found that implementation rates in Australia were lower than implementation rates in other parts of the world.

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