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The A380 Airbus has four engines that deliver around 302kN of thrust initially however they will extend to 374kN of thrust. The maker of the engine is Rolls-Royce and the name for the engine is Trent900. The alternative to this is Engine Alliance (General Electric- Pratt & Whitney) GP 7200 turbofans which deliver about 363kN of thrust collectively.

The maximum travel speed for the A380 Airbus is 0.88 Mach or around 900 km/h. Long range cruising is however reduced to 0.85 Mach. The range of an airplane is the distance it can travel before running short on fuel, the range for the A380 is astoundingly 14,800km with the maximum service ceiling of around 43,000ft. The A380-800F freighter is lower ranged, maximized at 10,470 km. Upon operations, the A380 Airbus has weight of 277 tons while the maximum weight at the time of takeoff is around 560 tons (International)

Physically the A380’s wing span is around 79.8m in total with a length of 72.75m and height of 24.08m. The double deck arrangement of the airbus accommodates 555 passengers’ at one time on dual decks in a three class arrangement. Qantas as one of the very emerging Airlines hailing from Australia is settling on the plan of customization with their orders. The company’s speaks of modifying the seating arrangement with 523 seats only instead of the 555 arrangement. The 523 seats are re arranged in a three class arrangement. The extra space provided in the titanic aircraft has spaces for bars, gymnasiums and duty free shops also. The capacity for cargo is around 13 pallets.

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