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Meanwhile, Sid Hatfield had called Tony Webb at Williamson, an assistant sheriff of Mingo County, and an acquaintance of the miners’ Union, and appealed him to launch warrants for the seizure of Felts and his men. Webb informed Sid Hatfield that it is not possible for him to get the warrants to Matawan before train No. 16 run. Whereupon, Sid Hatfield commented, on phone: “We will kill the G D S of B—— before they leave town.”

It seems, from the testimonials of observers that while Mr. Felts and his men were in Matawan, Sid Hatfield and positive representatives and associates of the United Mine Workers of America were forming an organization of armed men for attacking purposes. These men were summed up at and in the vicinity of Mayor Tester-man’ store in the town of Matawan. While these guys were at the railroad near the station ready to catch the train, Sid Hatfield, at the beginning of a crowd of men, approached Mr. Felts and exclusive of any guarantee or power of law notified him that he would have to seize him until train No. 16 ran (McCoy).

Prior to this, Hatfield had commented to a mass of men, while Mr. Felts was at the hotel, that “If he could get the crowd together he would go out and kill every damn one of them without any damn warrant.”

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