Sample Essay

The book ‘The Black Jacobins’ is a pen craft of Mr. C. L. R. James. James has scrutinized here an event happened in 1791; which brought out the Revolution of Haitian. The reasons that caused this revolution to take place are the main concerns of his account. He has analyzed the points of progress where economic and class differences overpowered the racial differences. Gradually picturing the whole scenario, he has carefully plotted his findings comparing the French and Haitian revolutions.

He has matched his findings on every event with the French and Haitian revolutions. French camp was San Domingo and all the slave trade used to happen here only to cater the French government. All the efforts that France was making against USA, UK, and the communal divisions that existed within her had put a customary influence over the stepping forward of the San Domingo revolt. Writer percepts the class difference had overpowered racial difference. The French revolution is one of the major causes of Haitian revolution as far as the influence is concerned. Other causes include the events like insurgence of the working class natives, and Bastille event.

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