Sample Essay

It was urged that the limited success of the socialist movement was mainly due to the unchanged way of life the peasants were granted under the communist regime. The reason the peasants did not stand up and rebel was because of the grants of means of survival and the seemingly prosperous results Wugong depicted. It was the continuity of life and the desire for change for those in rural China who had seen constant bombardments of natural disasters of malnutrition and lack of resources that kept them from rebelling against the state, even though it was causing unfavorable results.

The socialists were allowed to intervene as the peasants supported patriarchal authority with their non intellectual responses thereby creating further problems of famine and shortage of resources, directly attributed to economic mismanagement. The illusion of prosperity remained a prime deciding factor and the Maoists were thus allowed to enforce their ideologies upon the less-than-demanding rural population by the use of force. The result may have been a failed socialist state, but it gave China a clean slate to start building economically upon and become the world player it is today.

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