Sample Essay

In his ‘The City and Man’ Strauss speaks of political philosophy as the handmaid of theology but it is necessary , maintains Strauss, to shiw that it is the rightful queen of all social sciences. While the authority of the revelation can not be the ground of political authority. Revelation has now become confused with value judgments or liberation theology.

Modern philosophy is now being transformed into nihilism, rather than wisdom itself and biblical meaning is being taken under the light of one’s passion that makes things worse according to some thinkers. As Socratic skepticism and biblical faith share same epistemological foundation it becomes impossible to ignore one at the expense of the other. Liberation theology is becoming credible with the transformation of Modern philosophy into nihilism and rejection of rational standards for human actions and thoughts. It is, according to some thinkers, owing to similarity between nihilism and doctrine of creatio ex nihilio[1] which Bible itself teaches.

[1] Latin: creation out of nothing, in contrast with creation ex material(creation out of some pre-existent, eternal matter) and with creation ex doe (creation out of the being of God)

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