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The issue of Jihad[1] was re-examined by the Muslim scholars and the government stressed to redefine the concept of Jihad in the way different from the Mujahidin of al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations. The Muslims have been the focus of the accusations for the doings of the militants in the press all over the world and on the internet.

A look at the pre 9/11 relation between the two countries reveals the very nature of their relationship that was strategic. The alliance between the leaders of the two countries, Franklin D. Roosevelt[2] and Abdul Aziz al-Saud[3], in 1945 precipitated the strategic relationship between the two countries. As the kingdom had been the largest oil producer and exporter while the U.S is the largest oil importer and consumer, the leaders of the two countries found the relationship in each other’s favors. The ‘high’ point, enumerate Bzostek and Robinson, for U.S.-Saudi relations came in 1986, with a ‘Goldstein score of 6.50’, while the low was recorded in 1996, with a score of -4.35 and the ‘median score for all years was 1.01’[4].

[1] Holy war in Islam that aims to fight injustice and cruelty

[2] U. S president

[3] Saudi king and the founder of modern Saudi Arabia

[4] As in 28

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