Sample Essay

The interviewer taking the survey may show bias in his explanation of the concept of racial profiling. Approaching individuals on the street also lend themselves to be open to external factors which may cause them to change their answer. Such factors are not in the control of this study. It must also be taken into account that though the limited, direct research questions lend themselves to accuracy, the factors behind an individual’s opinion cannot be discerned due to the inherently variable nature of such an undertaking.

The pre-test conditions allows for a greater chance for picking out representatives of either ethnicities. Given the amount of tourism in New York City the exclusion of all foreigners in this study is warranted as well. However, though this methodology offers a larger population sample, the experiences of individuals living in different counties may account for different viewpoints on their part. Additionally, the conditions of the post-test leaves this research study open to all the limitations which plagued other similar studies chosen for the literature review, such limitations cannot be ignored or minimized in any shape or fashion.

The relative inexpensive nature of the study, as well as loss of time constraints lends itself well to the questionnaire. Another thing that must be taken into account is the snapshot in time effect, essentially meaning that this study merely offers the opinion of a group of people at a particular point in time. The study itself can put the researcher at a disadvantage since casual conclusions cannot be made on the basis of each respondent, only tabulation of the data can provide such answers. This problem may cause the researcher to disprove the given hypothesis altogether without even realizing it (Babbie, 2009).

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